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CafeMom Tickers

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Join Me at The Bar

Join Me at The Bar

Love this one. Gives you a PW vault, paid to search, ads to view, classifieds, and a place for sharing what you find...

This is a really nice way to recruit and earn from your searches, and from your recruits as well.

Alert Pay has an Affiliate Program

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I've been here shortly and already won prizes.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Swag Bucks: Search Earn Redeem

Search & Win


This one pays daily as long as you're upgraded to the next level. Even if you only make a few cents a day!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Affordable Ellegance

Beautiful, jewelry & more at really affordable and cheap prices.
Be sure to check out the link in the top right for all sales items.

Clix Sense

Athena's Web Site Creations

Waterrose Creations

the sample bag


This is a free site to sign up for and to post ads for advertising. You earn points to have your own ad viewed and all you have to do is click on other ads. You don't have to sign up for anything except to place your ad.

You get a $5 sign up bonus! Then you earn from others being referred and upgrades. Advertise and earn at the same time!

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Awesome PTC sites!

This site has been temporarily disabled / suspended. We're not sure why, but we'll leave this link here until we can determine if they are going to be back online.

Free traffic exchanges & safelists!

These are FREE to join and to sign up. You have to surf other sites listed with them to earn credits, but those credits turn into traffic for your site or you can even link them to certain pages of your site. You can also use affiliate links on these to get traffic to your affiliate sites.

EZ Laptop

Earn points to redeem for a Sony or MacNotebook. You can earn
points by referrals or by reading the emails/ads that they send to
your account. That is all you have to do. It's free to sign up and
join, free to earn points. You do have an option to upgrade to earn
double points.

Raffles only $1.00

Also offers really cheap advertising, html work, banner rotation, and so much more!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My ePier Items

Check out my auctions on ePier!

My Dollar Shop (Cheap Gifts)

My Dollar Shop has things you can get for $1 a piece, including Disney items, pet, health, gardening and so many others. Shipping is a flat $3.95 and all items are only $1.00. This site also has some school and craft supplies.

Sites To Help You Save Money

Kids Surplus is a great site to save money, get cheap gifts, and buy for your children for the holidays. Starting as low as $0.39 and if you click on the under $10.00 button, keep in mind that it will only show 4 pages, but if you click on the arrow to keep going, it will go up to almost 100 pages of things that can be bought for children, new babies, moms to be, etc! No minimum purchase and cheap $7.95 flat shipping fee up to $99, over that... shipping is free!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

She Speaks

If you want to go and sign up for you're in for a world of wonders. They send you products to test and try and then when you are done, you fill out the survey and discuss what you think on their board.

Things that they have had tested so far is as follows:

Allergy medicine
Orida Mashed Potato
Nail Polish
and more to come!

Sign up now to test FREE products and get coupons!

If you have a product, don't want ebay fees......

There are several wonderful sites for auctions that don't have the fees that Ebay does. One, it's either a web store or you can choose for best offer. is a wonderful site for selling your items, your creations or anything that may be cluttering up your closet.

You can also offer services through such as writing, editing, banner making, websites, etc.

I highly recommend this one. I use this one for Unique Designs by Lia!


You can either sign up to be a Preferred client and get 20% off of your order to use or resell, or

you can sign up as a consultant for 35% commission or discount on every purchase.

Preferred client is $29 and to become a consultant is $109 for the first year.

Go to Arbonne and look for link on right side of page.

Monday, June 1, 2009

For those that are looking for ways to save on the purchases with every penny and hurting financially, I'd like to recommend this site to all of you.

I've learned something new with this site and have been able to get all kinds of products and things for FREE from my local stores with coupons. Store coupons combined with Manufactures coupons = FREE stuff or almost FREE stuff if you do your homework and can add and subtract!

Here are just a few things I've gotten for FREE by doing this:
baby wipes
baby food
baby cereal
baby lotion
baby wash
Johnson & Johnson First Aid Gauze wraps
Alcohol for first aid
Gerber baby food
and the list just goes on!

Check out this site and start getting lots of your household items and foods for almost nothing!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This is another affiliate program to earn with. You can also get very cheap hosting through this company.

They are called, Trusty Web Hosting. For one year, a domain starts at $7.99!